gangof4THE BAND:  Having plied their trade over four decades since the release of their incendiary debut LP Entertainment! in 1979, Gang Of Four have more than earned their reputation as elder statesman within the expansive and innovative genre of post punk. Undergoing a number of line up changes throughout the years not to mention some miscalculated deviations from their trademark sound that garnered them the ire of critics; the band have returned fronted by original guitarist Andy Gill and sounding as ferocious as ever on ‘England’s In My Bones.’

THE SOUND: With original vocalist Andy King vacating his post in 2013, some fans would have undoubtedly felt that his departure would have dire ramifications for any future output. However the band have dispelled any fears of this nature by enlisting the bluesy croon of Kills/Dead Weather frontwoman Alison Mosshart; who  helps propel this track into a new plain which had previously remained uncharted within their back catalogue. Sonically, the Leeds originating outfit have retained their jagged and groove led riffage whilst placing it firmly within the 21st Century due to its modern production.

THE LOWDOWN: ‘England’s In My Bones’ will feature on the post punk pioneer’s 9th album What Happens Next, set for release on the 2nd March via Metropolis Records.