unnamedLONG regarded as one of Scotland’s most esteemed purveyors of alt-rock to have emerged in a number of years, Glasgow’s Holy Esque have delivered a resounding statement with their most recent EP Submission. 

Gaining plaudits from a series of mainstream outlets such as Radio 1 as well as recognition from several broadsheet newspapers, it appears that those who were as yet unenlightened are beginning to sit up and take notice of this entirely arresting band.

A collection that we rightfully lavished with praise upon when released earlier in the month (check out our 8/10 review here), they’ve revealed the accompanying video to the outstanding ‘Strange.’

Bursting into life thanks to stadium sized drums and a murky riff the likes of which The Birthday Party and Killing Joke would be quietly envious of, ‘Strange’ stands out as one of their most hypnotic works to date. Helmed by deep seated synth that is nothing short of icy, the track comes across as unashamedly ambitious and has the capacity to spellbind anyone who comes into contact with its many redeeming qualities.

Submission is available now via limited edition 10″ vinyl, with the record marking their first physical release. Check out the video below: