NEARLY a year on from the release of her third album ‘In Plain Sight’, Honeyblood have shared a new video for the record’s incendiary track ‘Gibberish’.

Directed by Gareth Goodlad of Dangermous Productions, it’s a dark, menacing cut that intersperses shots from a Glasgow back alley with trippy, claustrophobic visuals of the In Plain Sight artwork. It’s a captivating depiction of the track’s main themes with Goodlad saying it’s about “being taken over by your own self-perception”.

Written about the “absurdity of the current political climate” and the current propensity for fake news, ‘Gibberish’ is one of the record’s heaviest moments, a riot-grrl sucker punch with Stina Tweeddale matching her frustrated, adrenalised vocal performance with even more fury in its visual accompaniment.

The frontwoman has also revealed that she’ll be releasing an Instagram filter so that fans can join in with the video at home.

Meanwhile, Stina Tweeddale has been partaking in a number of livestream isolation session over on her Facebook page. Check them out here. 

Watch the new video below.