BUZZY Chicago trio Horsegirl are gearing up for the release of their debut album ‘Versions of Modern Performance’.

Having heard several songs from it already, the band have given us another preview with ‘Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)’.

Bringing their scruffy pop and grungy influences to the forefront, it encapsulates all they do best – blending indie pop charm with just enough disorder and a youthful sense of chaos.

Speaking about the visual, they said “The three of us filmed the “Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)” video over one day in Penelope’s elementary school. The video provides a small look into our Chicago youth scene — it includes members of bands like Lifeguard, Friko, Dwaal Troupe, and Post Office Winter all grouped into oddball bands with weird gimmicks. We always have the best time making our videos with our friends in spaces we feel connected to. All of our friends showed up with various assortments of clothing and props, like wooden spoons, a bowling shirt collection, and an accordion. We wanted to harness the strangeness of everything that was brought to us, and wanted to showcase all of the people and bands that mean so much to us.”

Tune in below.