hudson-mohawke-lantern-album-release-1-616x440FIRMLY establishing himself among underground circles before transcending his modest roots and becoming a fixture in the American hip-hop production, Glasgow’s own Hudson Mohawke’s stock continues to rise on a daily basis.

Preparing to release his latest LP in a matter of weeks, the artist regularly referred to as ‘HudMo’ has unleashed the accompanying visuals for the stunning ‘Very First Breath.’

Opening with the kind of lavish synths and shimmering percussive touches that have been a staple of his material since 2009’s Butter, the track soon ramps up the energy with an pulse racing beat and the outstanding vocals of Irfane. Given the early indications of ‘Very First Breath’ and ‘Ryderz’, it’s easy to speculate that his forthcoming record will only serve to further enhance his status among his contemporaries and the public as a whole.

Crafted by the acclaimed Dutch director Sam De Jong, the track’s accompanying video is set in an almost dystopian society in which gang warfare is prevalent, a story of tender, forbidden love is briefly detailed before being destroyed in a clinical fashion.

Hudson Mohawke’s new record Lanterns will be released on the 16th June via Warp, whilst his production work is slated to appear upon a number of hotly anticipated album’s including that of Kanye West, Pusha T and more.