LEAD SHOTA hotly tipped prospect and one of the most brazenly original acts to surface from Glasgow’s much lauded scene in recent years, WHITE are a five piece who can stake a claim as one of the nation’s greatest new bands. After a productive weekend in which they undertook the trip to Brighton to perform two shows at The Great Escape, they’ve premiered latest track ‘Future Pleasure.’

Driven by an utterly enticing riff that lands in the uninhabited ground between the pioneering P-funk of Funkaedlic’s heyday and the post punk laced fury of Gang Of Four guitarist Andy Gill, ‘Future Pleasures’ proves to be more than worth the arduous wait for new material that they’d imposed upon their fans.

Leo Condie’s resounding vocals begin in an emphatic and almost sinister manner before becoming ever more eccentric as the track picks up momentum; led the use of an inclusion of an incredible bassline and dense, new wave influenced synth.

Expect a great deal more to surface from the five piece as they continue to astound all who have the privilege of checking them out; whether in the live arena or from few and far between excerpts from the studio such as this excellent example.

Having just released an accompanying video for the track, it contains a set of diverse visuals that are as eclectic and off kilter as the music itself. Leaping from footage of a blonde protagonist as he is accosted by various shady figures on the streets to images of a seemingly young woman tucking into a steak; it culminates in a dizzying array of lights and an unexpected embrace.