JELANI BLACKMAN has returned with a new single called ‘Comfy’.

A dancehall-inspired bop, the track features Trillary Banks and a velvet vocal from Moonchild Sanelly – bringing his love for collaboration to the forefront once again.

Gritty yet sensual and soulful, it the first piece of new music Jelani has released since his mixtape last year.

Speaking about working with Moonchild Sanelly, he comments: “I’ve been chillin with Moon for a minute and the vibe has been so good, this song came out of it. It’s about feeling comfortable and when you do, how much your energy just radiates out and people catch it.”

Moonchild Sanelly adds: “We were on tour in the US and there was this really confident guy and everyone kept saying how hot he is…  so we were joking about that – like ‘you got us all wanting you’. That’s what this tune became – walking into a club and spotting someone who looks comfy in their own skin; that’s a hot look. The first word was when Jelani saw me exhausted on a beanbag in the studio with Trill – but luckily the tune evolved beyond the beanbag ;).”

Leicester rap firebrand Trillary Banks adds: “This was such a spontaneous but special session! The energy between us all was genuine and we came up with a hit! Sometimes the late night studio sessions are where all the magic happens. I loved being a part of this collab. Such a vibe!”

Tune in below.