JOESEF has shared a moving new single called ‘East End Coast’.

Debuted at his recent headline at Glasgow’s O2 Academy, the song is a poignant ode to his hometown and explores that universal feeling of seeking safety in familiar places and people.

Moving to London last year, the only place that felt like home was the studio with Ivor Novello Award Winning producer Barney Lister. Deep in heartbreak, he said the process felt like felt like “therapy everyday”.

Following the dancefloor-ready ‘It’s Been A Little Heavy Lately’ and the brooding ‘Fire’, this new track shows the delicacy in his songwriting – while once again pushing the realms of his self-taught production.

The singer has now shared a stunning new video to accompany the song. A heartfelt celebration of queer love, it explores shared intimacy on the dimly lit dancefloor.

“I wrote it last year,” he explains. “It was summer and I fell in love with someone when I moved out of my hometown. It’s kind of about finding home in someone when you feel displaced from everything you’ve ever known. No matter how tumultuous it felt at times I felt this unconditional love that was only comparable to that of what I feel from Glasgow, my mates, and my family. This song means more to me than anyone would ever understand, if you take anything from this let it be a sign to tell them you love them, call your mum, hold your friends a bit closer at the after gaff next time, and take care of yourself.”

“It was important for me for the East End Coast video to have a sense of urgency, and capture a feeling that felt true to the song and its meaning,” he adds. “Working with Luis again on this one was a dream. He completely understands the visual aspect of my music and treats it with a lot of detail and care. The inspiration came from films like Kids, Trainspotting, Beats etc and it’s been a lot of fun creating this world for the music to live in. I can’t wait for people see what’s coming next.”

Check it out below.