PURVEYORS of dark and intensely stirring soundscapes, Midnight Ambulance have followed up last month’s ‘Smoke and Sweets’ with ‘Morlich’.

A story of rediscovery and falling in love with music and writing again,  it shows a different side to the duo – more light, more upbeat. It’s a reflection of their own journey – the band’s formation was one rooted in friendship and reconnection after losing touch for many years, and in the song, they chart this experience, emerging from the isolation of lockdown to return to Scotland and start the band.

Amelia’s delicate vocals take the lead, her vivid lyrics delivered over sprightly guitars and airy melodies – before a sense of urgency takes over at the halfway mark. Driven by heavy guitars and galloping drums, the track builds and builds, giving off a real sense of catharsis before ultimately finding peace.

Another powerful release from the duo, tune in below.