band that has deftly shed their skin in order to morph into their most robust and muscular form, the reformation of The Ninth Wave continues in earnest on new single ‘Liars.’

The second track to emerge from their debut EP, the continued expansion of their sound and the move towards a more fleshed out and definitive style of their own is unimpeded on the ferocious ‘Liars.’

Endowed with the spirit and ingenuity of 80’s new wave stalwarts such as Killing Joke, The Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus but with an altogether wider lens that enables their vibrant material to bustle with ingenuity, ‘Liars’ sees the soaring vocals of Elina Lin to take centre-stage alongside spiralling guitar lines and a succession of intense rhythms.

Nestled in the middle of the newly released Reformation EP, initial first impressions are that this is the genesis of a turning point in the band’s career in which their immense talent secedes from its perch as one of Scotland’s best kept secrets and into the waiting arms of music lovers that are crying out for music to believe and invest in as previous generations could.

This notion of Reformation that has persisted is not some marketing ploy or catchy slogan, this is a band that have demonstrably reconstructed themselves from the ground up and to say that it’s paid off would be a drastic understatement.

Fresh from their show-stealing performance at Tenement Trail last weekend, the song has now been paired with equally striking monochrome visuals. Focusing on lead singer Elina Lin as she takes aim at those trying to stifle her, the video shows the band performing while anonymous hands grapple all over them with dark sludge; a visual representation of the claustrophobic forces trying to hold them back.

Check out the video below.