WITH their set at TENEMENT TRAIL just around the corner Glasgow-based pop duo One Nine have released their latest single, ‘Lost Satellites’.

After gaining huge admiration from fans with the dreamy-pop debut, ‘Difficult Days’, the pair have further strengthened their sound of dream weaving synths, intricate verses and huge choruses. Speaking of the track, they said “It’s a kinda optimistic, hopeful call to humanity to set differences aside and work together for the greater good. I think people are starting to realise that if we don’t do so, environmentally and socially, we’re pretty fucked…”

Not only collaborating together, but with others around the band, One Nine have pulled together a number of incredibly talented musicians and songwriters to craft their inmistakable sound.

“We like to chop and change to keep things spicy but most commonly one of us will bring an idea to the table, send it back and forth a couple of times to get a feel for it, then we get together in the studio and dial it in. We like to get others involved too we’ve been really lucky to write songs with some outrageously talented people recently; Slenderbodies, Lewis Gardiner, Jimmy Harry (Pink/Madonna) and Kosuke Kasza to name a few. Lost Satellites was co-written with our main man Thomas McNeice, we collaborate with Tam loads and he produces or mixes the majority of our tunes.”

Heading to the inaugural East End TENEMENT TRAIL, One Nine will channel their love for live shows in front of their hometown crowd.

“We’re buzzing more than a hive of angry bees, fighting a honey shortage, being prodded by a stick. The line up is absolutely class and we love nothing more than hitting the stage. We think this will be one to remember… Just don’t forget to come (Creative East End @ 5:45PM) and huge thanks to you guys for having us.”

Tickets for TENEMENT TRAIL 2019 are on sale now.