A Glasgow band sitting somewhere in-between the sweet influences of Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai and Sigur Rós, Tenement TV are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of Crow’s Feet’s new single ‘Hesitator’.

Beautifully crafted, the song’s soft melodic form draws you in and with the expert production screaming out as one of the band’s strongest points and ‘Hesitator’ is without a doubt one of their best pieces of music to date. Everything reaches its ultimate climax at three and a half minutes as the band bring in electronic tones and a wall of noise to proceedings.

Releasing their debut album in August 2016 after recording it over a 12 month period, the group have spoken about how instrumental the process was in honing their immersive sound and enabling them to become a fully fledged outfit: “At the time it wasn’t really a band, it was just Lewis Tollan and Kyalo Searle-Mbullu, who asked friends and other members of bands to come in and help out on some of the tracks they had written.

“The album was recorded in 3 different studios with 3 different engineers, so we like to think that every song has a different feel. We are now a band of six. With the new single we went into record at the start of the month and recorded it in a day. It was the easiest recording we’ve done so far.”

Speaking about their faveourite bands on the scene, Crow’s Feet have said: “We love There Will Be Fireworks, WHITE & The Ninth Wave. There are a whole load of amazing bands on the scene at the moment.”

The band will bring the track to their live shows early 2017 as they’re set to play King Tut’s New Year Revolution on 16th January 2016.

Check it out now below: