jr greenJR GREEN are the latest signing to Hit the Fan Records, who released Frightened Rabbit’s incredible debut album, and more recently the SAY award winning album by Kathryn Joseph.

It’s safe to say then that they know how to pick a winner, and might just have done so again with JR Green. They are two brothers who grew up in the west of Scotland and combine a traditional folk sound with angst ridden lyrics and modern twists:

“I’m sorry for my output I’m surrounded by wankers, I’m only 17 and I don’t have all the answers, yet.”

This line from their track ‘Nigerian Princess’, which features on their debut EP Bring the Witch Doctor, sums up their youthful verve. Listening to the song as a whole you can’t help but succumb to the acoustic guitar – accordion combination, and the vocals which carry confidence, wisdom and maturity in abundance.

We’re delighted to host an exclusive premiere of the new video. Watch below: