PREPARE to be seduced by the deeply alluring and wildly eclectic sounds of LYLO; the three-piece outfit from Glasgow who continue to enchant listeners with their wonderfully unique fusion of jazz, soul and post-punk.

Ahead of the band’s highly anticipated show at The Old Hairdresser’s tonight, TTV are delighted to bring you the video premiere of ‘Submerge’; a strange and compelling new clip designed to accompany the B-side to their latest single ‘You Have Your Father’s Eyes’.

While the vibrant lead track was punchy and floaty in equal measure, ‘Submerge’ is a deeply hypnotic affair led by the woozy sounds of a saxophone; punctuated by some crisp percussion, it transports you to a faraway land with its swaying melodies, seductive vocals and smoky lounge bar vibes. Perfect for long summer nights, this warm and inviting composition is yet another sign of the bold innovation and originality that seeps out of this band’s every move.

Visualising the band’s sound perfectly is the brand new video directed by saxophonist Iain McCall. Submerging the band in pieces of art as they become the play-things of a masked artist, the bizarre and colourful clip is an appropriately whimsical accompaniment to the woozy track.

LYLO play The Old Hairdresser’s tonight (Friday 5th May) in support of Babe at their album launch. Currently gearing up for the release of their second album Post Era later this year, the band are expected to reveal more new tracks in the near future.

Check out the video below.