RUGGED, visceral and yet remarkably catchy, every new offering from Rascalton serves to solidify the favourable position that they hold in the Scottish music scene’s collective heart.

Rising from the opening band at last year’s Tenement Trail to now being on the precipice of unleashing their very first AA physical single via new label Public and closing King Tut’s Summer Nights, the Glasgow outfit are firing on all cylinders on new track ‘Lust.’

Delivered alongside a thrilling video that encapsulates the undeterred sense of camaraderie that naturally comes to prominence at any of their shows, this latest offering is an exercise in punk-infused revelry that denotes their ability to depict wild tales of hedonistic chaos with sincerity and authenticity. The product of a musical lineage that contains allusions to everything from the Buzzocks and The Modern Lovers to The Libertines and The Dandy Warhols, this is a band condensing their ethos into just under three minutes of maniacal exuberance and it couldn’t be any better of an indication of where they’re headed.

Rascalton will headline King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut tomorrow night alongside Sway, Shredd and Future Glue before we at TTV will provide a special closing party that will feature an as yet undisclosed secret guest. Following that the band will release their double AA single next month and will go on to play our own Tenement Trail on the 30th September.

Directed by Johnny Madden of Baby Strange, check out the accompanying video below: