TIPPED at the start of this year as one of our TTV 2020 Vision artists, The Roly Mo have unveiled colourful and trippy new visuals to accompany their recent single ‘Diamond Doll’.

Released through the ever-prolific 7 West Music label at the start of the month, we marked the track out as a natural progression from last year’s ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die’ with its booming drums and fuzzed-out guitars. Thick with distortion and an irrepressible swagger, ‘Diamond Doll’ wouldn’t sound out of place next to The Black Keys in their ‘El Camino’ days as the band add some blues-rock bluster to their increasingly impressive repertoire.

Oozing with glam-rock charisma, the unlikely love story is brought to life by the intoxicating psych-infused visuals.

Shining some light on the tune, Joe Morton explains “Diamond Doll is one of our favourites from the upcoming EP and it brings a different vibe to any of our previous releases. PLAY IT LOUD”, he continues “I wrote it because of an experience one of my friends had in the past and the idea just became so much bigger in my head. But it’s basically about a troubled stripper that goes over the top for some clients for cash because life has dealt her such a bad hand, not that she wants to, but she’s got no other way to make it.”