A couple of months ago, Ruby Gaines emerged in a burst of  vibrant colour with the release of her debut single ‘Cardamom’. Pairing a full-band sound with a dynamic jazz-infused arrangement, it was a confident opener that was elevated even further by her staggering vocal delivery.

Just a couple of months later and Ruby Gaines is back with the equally impressive ‘Without A Gun’. Boasting all the drama of a gun-slinging Spaghetti Western, the new track reinforces Gaines’ mesmeric star power; her incredibly soulful vocals delivered over swinging guitar lines and powerful, energetic drum tones. Much like ‘Cardamom’, there’s clever twists in the arrangement that keep us on our toes throughout as she reflects on the feeling of loneliness that permeated her youth; the shifting nature of the track designed to reflect her turbulent state of mind at that time, full of teenage angst and anxiety.

With its dark undertones and deeply personal lyrics, its an intensely captivating listen that finds Ruby Gaines wielding her immense vocal power once more.

She said of the track I had forgotten about this song over the years, but it has crept its way back into my life without any prior warning. What I love most is that I can still relate to these lyrics today and they almost grown with me over time – as though it’s the vine and I’m the wall. This song was written about the abandonment I felt in that time of my life when my father had committed suicide and I had no friends. I was teenage angst 3000 and the songs moodiness is here to stay. Now seems right to get it out there whilst it still lingers.”

Listen below.