NEW YORK outfit Skaters have had a busy time of it since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Manhattan back in 2014. Following a mammoth touring schedule, they cut all ties with their major label Warner Brothers and disappeared to write their highly anticipated sophomore record; fuelled by a free-spirited DIY ethos and independent vision.

The result is ROCK and ROLL Bye Bye LP, due out on 24th March on Yonks Records. Along with the announcement of its release, the band have unveiled a new single and video called ‘In Your Head’. Full of bombastic percussion, anthemic soundscapes and emotionally wrought lyrics, it’s a massive Britpop-styled tune that indicates the extent of their ambitions moving forward.

The accompanying video follows a character around the city of Hull as she works out her angst through interpretive dance. The band said: “The ethos brought to this new project is similar to that of the ‘DIY’ ethos… but its more inclusive, so we’ve coined it DIWOP2, which his short for Do It With Other People Also. We reached out on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations where had, relationships forged and collaborations were born….”

“This here video is the outcome from one of those ‘on line’ conversations started on the internet. Hull transplant and very talented DP Josh Moore (shootjmoore) teamed up with us and took a walk down ‘Whitefriargate’ the UK City of Hull. Culture’s newly paved high street, real life, in a real city with real people… you can win them all.”

Check it out below.