stepsister duo Skating Polly have unveiled their new video for ‘Perfume For Now’, which exhibits the quiet-loud-quiet Nirvana approach to songwriting and the L7-esque attitude.

Skating Polly is another addition to the ever-growing trend of having a two-person band: one on guitar/bass and the other on guitar. However, this fresh rock duo is abundantly gritty with a carefree perspective, making Royal Blood look like rockabilly. This is proper punk – outwith the boundaries of riot grrl, almost inventing their own little niche genre. It is already highly impressive that this outfit are gathering staggering exposure at such a young age (15 and 20 years old), and it’s 100 percent deserved.

Skating Polly’s new album The Big Fit will be released in the UK on April 8th 2016 via Chap Stereo

Check out the track below: