off what has undoubtedly been their most prolific year to date, stmartiins have struck gold once again with their brand new single ‘Melvin’.

Over the course of 2019, the duo have perfected the art of creating deeply alluring art-pop, carefully crafting their own magical sonic world that lyrically oscillates between the dream-like and hyper-specific in truly hypnotic fashion. However, ‘Melvin’ marks an interesting deviation for the duo – one that features punchier melodies and a more insistent rhythm section, all while retaining that signature hazy, dream-like feel. It’s a shift that allows Katie Lynch’s thoughtful lyrics to shine.

‘This year I’ll be something, I know you’d love nothing more” she sings while addressing a lost loved one. With hints of melancholy, it’s a track crafted with love and care and you can’t help but feel every word. “Not long from now I’ll join you in the ground” she ruminates.

Along with the track, Katie reveals “I’ve felt sadness a lot in my life, like i was born mostly sad. but I’d never lived a sadness like I did when my friend Gregory died. id never felt the weight of nothingness before, how much more time we spend not existing, than the time we do. The first night I met Gregory we went back to his flat and there he lived with his pug called Melvin. I wrote the song to remind myself that he was real, that he existed and how wonderful it was that he did.

The track arrives after the Dundee outfit’s enthralling display at McChuills on Wednesday night as part of the first ever YALA! UK tour. The band play a sold-out show in London tonight alongside Jacob Slater and Chinatown Slalom.