SWEET WHITE have confirmed their return with the release of a massive new track called ‘Lovers’.

Following the success of their 2015 debut EP Monet and last year’s single ‘Genine’, the Aberdeen outfit have picked up where they left off with another stellar offering that will no doubt solidify their growing reputation.

Crafting an infectious indie-funk sound that has seen them compared to Foals, Peace and the like, the new track demonstrates a marked progression that is the result of their three years together. Effortlessly oscillating between blissed-out poppy verses and powerful guitar-led sections, the composition moves from disarming to instantly engaging in a flash; glitzy beats and shimmering synths making way for an eruption of razor sharp riffs on the chorus.

As with their previous material, there’s an emotional edge there too though. Jake Cordiner’s trademark smooth vocal works in perfect harmony with the slow-building instrumentation; his wistful reflections transforming into defiant proclamations in a powerhouse finale.

Produced by drummer Shaun Wilson, ‘Lovers’ is out now. The band are set to support Neon Waltz at Tunnels in Aberdeen on 2nd March.

Check out the track now below: