when you think the indie pop well has sadly run dry, a new band comes along that alleviates those concerns. At this particular juncture, the honour is bestowed upon SWIMM; An LA based duo that has steadily accrued a pedigree of great tracks over the past couple of years and look primed to have the world bobbing their collective heads to their bittersweet ditties.

Seemingly experiencing an upswing in creativity with several tracks released in fairly quick succession, they’ve already sprung back into action with the incredible ‘Belly.’

A tantalising mix of dainty and discordant, ‘Belly’ flits between light-hearted and imposing on regular intervals throughout its three minute running time. Aligning with the alluring sound of crossover acts such as The Neighbourhood and Foster The People during the track’s stunningly well put together verses, things take a turn towards the Albini-esque during seething tangents of imposing guitar.

An act that seem entirely capable of seceding from the LA scene and entering the public domain due to the immediate likability of their tracks, it’ll be interesting to witness their continual growth as a band.

Listen to the track below: