The band: Due to release his debut LP in February 2015 via Mexican Summer, Travis Bretzer has been likened to Kurt Vile (signed to the same label) and toured the UK in support of the release of his first EP Making Love. 

The sound: Inspired from a tender late night conversation between lovers, ‘Promises’ is built around a comforting guitar riff that keeps it casual and reassuring. It’s a refreshing off-beat take on guitar pop. Recorded at Gary’s Electric in Brooklyn under producer Jorge Elbrecht (Haunted Graffiti, Lansing-Dreiden). In keeping with the album’s ‘70s pop mode, the lyrics to ‘Promises’ are kept simple and sweet.

The lowdown: ‘Promises’ is from Travis Bretzer’s new album Waxing Romantic. The first single to be released from that album is due to drop on 15th December. The debut album features a solid crew of players, including members of Haunted Graffiti, James Richardson of MGMT and Regal Degal’s Josh da Costa. The record was partly inspired from memories of rifling through Travis’ parents’ soft-rock LPs: think Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart, Christopher Cross, The Eagles.