IT has been a big week for Scottish music with new releases from The Snuts,  BETA WAVES, Be Charlotte and more. Check them all out in our New Music Radar playlist below.

The Snuts ‘Elephants’ 

Debuted on Annie Mac last night, The Snuts continue their meteoric rise with the release of ‘Elephants’. The track arrives after the success of their Top 15 charting ‘Mixtape’ EP back in March as they once again leave their own indelible stamp on the indie genre with their cross pollination of sounds and influences. The latest addition to their diverse catalogue sees them take another left-field turn – Jack Cochrane’s unmistakable vocals remain the calling card of their sound against a raw, rousing backdrop of disco-tinged guitars, a painfully addictive groove and throbbing choruses. They may like to keep us all guessing but their creative experiments continue to pay off with the tune already number 1 on iTunes at the time of writing.

Jack says ““Elephants is another twist on our ever growing diverse catalogue. The song in whole features a change in lyrical style leaning more towards referencing.” He continues, “The main theme of this track is about believing in your own ability in times of struggle and diversity.”


DRIFT x The Vegan Leather ‘Edge Of Love’ 

Electronic duo DRIFT returned this week with a brand new remix of their 2019 single ‘Edge Of Love’, courtesy of fellow Paisley natives The Vegan Leather. Providing all the evidence we need to declare that the town is a bonafide hotbed for musical talent, the irrepressibly funky bop is a glorious coming together of DRIFT’s ethereal electro-pop and The Vegan Leather’s unmistakably vibrant brand of art-pop. Full of early noughties nu-disco vibes, Linzi Clark’s dreamy vocals are still present and correct but this time they are surrounded by big guitar licks, synth-claps and an unbelievably infectious rhythm section that will have you up in your feet in no time.  DRIFT and The Vegan Leather are the perfect combo we didn’t know we needed until now.

BETA WAVES ‘I Had You Wrong’ 

In the midst of a prolific run of form that has seen them drop three new singles in as many months, Dundee duo BETA WAVES are back with a new club banger called ‘I Had You Wrong’. After taking their electronic sound to new celestial heights on the stimulating ‘Hideaway’ and the more melancholic ‘UDH2’, ‘I Had You Wrong’ grabs us by the hand and throws us back on the glittering dancefloor. Opening with a devilishly infectious guitar hook, Harry Crossan’s lavish instrumental is built on a thumping, upbeat rhythm section that never quite lets up throughout. With throbbing synth grooves and vocal hooks aplenty, all the ingredients are there for one of their poppiest moment to date before Dale Easson’s radiant vocals make way around the three-minute mark and track orbits off into space – their euphoric Daft Punk-indebted electronica gradually fading away to a twinkle in the night sky. Now available on all main streaming platforms, the track has been accompanied by a remix by Floatinurboat.

Be Charlotte ‘Dreaming With The Lights Off’ 

Be Charlotte has been teasing us with one impressive single after another in recent weeks but the rising star finally lays down her biggest statement yet with the release of her debut EP ‘Dreaming With The Lights Off’. Years of meticulous craft and undeniable ambition have gone into these six tracks and it’s a joy to see them released in all their glory. Full of the same quiet assertiveness, inventiveness and thoughtful introspection that first drew us to Be Charlotte around five years ago, the singer’s debut EP notably include co-writes with Warners artist JC Stewart, and producers Nick Atkinson/ Edd Holloway (Lewis Capaldi) Tobias Khun (Milky Chance / Zara Larsson) and Joe Walter/ Pascal Kali Reindhardt (Alma / Grey). Featuring previous singles ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Lights Off’, ‘Rumours Don’t Work’ and ‘Brighter Without You’, the newest track on this collection is the brilliant ‘Burning’ – another big pop banger full of determined lyrics and soaring electro-pop soundscapes. It surely won’t be long until Be Charlotte is at the top with pop’s elite.

The Wound Review ‘When The Love Rots Out’ 

Originally from the Highlands but now based in Glasgow, Steven Melens and Jamie Colthart call on their collective musical experience to craft expansive, deeply emotional soundscapes that dig deep into the soul. Since releasing their debut single ‘Lately’ a year ago, the duo have unveiled a self-titled EP and supported the likes of Van Ives and Be Charlotte on tour. Now they’re looking to re-gain some of that hard-fought momentum with a stunning track that was recorded pre-lockdown alongside Paul McInally at 45-Aside Recordings.

‘When The Love Rots Out’ feels incredibly intimate yet expansive at the same time. With airs of Bon Iver in its soft, meticulously crafted production, deep contemplative vocals are wonderfully juxtaposed by a light airy backdrop of twinkling electronics, programmed vocals and percussive layers. And while its stark title doesn’t leave much to the imagination, it’s a carefully rendered depiction of how it feels to leave a toxic relationship behind – the circular thoughts, the self-analysation, the self-blame and finally the relief of closure. Conjuring depths of emotion with every listen, it’s a quiet moment of reflection that ultimately breeds a sense yearning optimism and catharsis.

Zoe Graham x Blicero ‘Stubborn Fire’ 

Zoe Graham has teamed up with bedroom producer Blicero for a new summer bop called ‘Stubborn Fire’. It arrives following the release of ‘Sleep Talking’ and ‘Gradual Move’, two singles from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP which have seen her combine the folk influences of her past material with the kind of crystalline electronic-pop perfected by St Vincent, Christine & The Queens and HAIM.

This new single sets this shift in stone with fast-rising producer Blicero providing the electronic foundations for Zoe Graham to deliver the track’s irresistible vocal hooks. Full of feel-good energy, the kinetic production is powered by a vigorous rhythm section, glistening synths and a whole lot of optimism.

Tamzene ‘Unreachable’ 

Following the release of the stunning ‘accidentally told you’ last month, Tamzene is back with another gorgeous piano-based ballad called ‘Unreachable’. The track was originally intended to be part of a stripped-back EP scheduled for release back in April but like many artists, the singer-songwriter was forced to scrap those plans and will now be releasing the featured tracks on a monthly basis over summer. ‘Unreachable’ is her latest offering, a powerful moment of catharsis and a touching reminder that it’s ok to be vulnerable. Showcasing her vocal prowess against a stirring piano melody, it’s all about self-reflection, digging deep and finding your inner strength.

She said ‘This song is the product of pent-up questions, frustration and disappointment. I needed to write ‘Unreachable’ to understand that it’s exactly where I never want to be, or let my loved ones be emotionally. That strength lies in being vulnerable, and this song is certainly that’ .

Scott Forsyth ‘This Old City’ 

After spending most of his professional career thus far as a freelance musician for hire, Glasgow-based Scott Forsyth has decided to shift his focus towards forging a new solo career path with the release of his very first single. Pulling on a wealth of experience and varied influences, Forsyth begins his assault on the music industry with the ‘This Old City’ – a track he says was penned “during moments of reflection on the beginning of a relationship as you begin to dream up plans for a fantastical future together”. Citing the likes of Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, The War On Drugs and Hiss Golden Messenger as inspirations, the track has a timeless feel to it that’s rooted in the songwriting tradition of country, Americana and folk music. Alongside swooning romance, there’s an overriding sense of optimism in the track as Forsyth looks ahead to fresh new beginnings.

Fontaines D.C ‘I Don’t Belong’

After bursting back on the scene a couple of weeks ago with the potent title track of their second album, Fontaines D.C are back with another taster of ‘A Hero’s Death’. ‘I Don’t Belong’ isn’t a massive departure for the Dublin punk outfit but it certainly shows their more contemplative side. Grian Chatten plaintively sings over a dark, smouldering backdrop powered by a brooding bassline, shadowy guitars and Joy Division-inspired atmospherics. “I don’t belong to anyone / I don’t want to belong to anyone,” he sings. Said to be the opening track on the album, it’s a gentle, meandering preview of what to expect.

Nadia Rose ‘Too Bad’

Nadia Rose released a new playful summer bop last week called ‘Too Bad’. Freed from the shackles of a major label, the track is the second release on her own Qwerky Entertainment imprint and it sees her combine her razor sharp flow with anthemic, poppy hooks. Another vibrant and catchy display of her limitless charisma and mic skills,  her sharp-tongued, quick-witted bars are as brilliant as ever as she looks back at the exes who weren’t quite up to scratch.

Leon Bridges ‘Sweeter (ft Terence Martin)’

Leon Bridges and Terence Martin combined forces this week to offer a deeply moving meditation on racism and what it’s like to live under cyclical oppression. Written from the perspective of a black man who is taking his last breath, the track was originally intended for a future album but Bridges and Martin felt compelled to release the song now. Leon Bridges said “Growing up in Texas I have personally experienced racism, my friends have experienced racism. From adolescence we are taught how to conduct ourselves when we encounter police to avoid the consequences of being racially profiled. I have been numb for too long, calloused when it came to the issues of police brutality. The death of George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. It was the first time I wept for a man I never met. I am George Floyd, my brothers are George Floyd, and my sisters are George Floyd. I cannot and will not be silent any longer. Just as Abel’s blood was crying out to God, George Floyd is crying out to me. So, I present to you Sweeter.”

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard ‘Double Denim Hop’

Welsh four-piece Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard shared the irresistible ‘Double Denim Hop’ this week from their debut EP. The glam-stomper is a big throwback to the days of T-Rex, full of fun, flourish and praise for rock’n’roll’s original rebel attire. Described by frontman Thomas Rees as a lightbulb moment, he said the track was “the first time I felt fully confident as a writer… it set me off on a good journey for writing a lot of other BBB tunes”. A track that yearns to be cranked up loud, it’s been released alongside a suitably grooving disco version. The band’s debut EP, titled ‘The Non-Stop EP’, arrives on 10th July via Missing Piece Records.

Pillow Queens ‘Handsome Wife’ 

Irish four-piece Pillow Queens have announced the release of their debut album ‘In Waiting’ with the arrival of a brand new track called ‘Handsome Wife’. Fuelled by scorching, catchy-as-hell guitar riffs and Pamela Connelly’s determined vocals, it’s a dreamy, highly addictive number with some nineties grunge thrown in the mix. Brimming with positivity and sunny optimism, it’s an electrifying preview of the album which will be released on 25th September.

The say “‘Handsome Wife’ begins with a glimpse into an emotional homecoming, one that intensifies and romanticises the seemingly insignificant. Throughout, the mundane but tender moments are held up and deified, paying reverence to the ease in which a love can thrive outside the realms of tradition.”

“The song continuously references structures and rituals that were once out of reach, but are now within our grasp. In spite of this Handsome Wife affirms that they pale in comparison to the communities we’ve built ourselves.”

The Wytches ‘Cowboy’ 

The Wytches re-emerged this week for the first time in over three years. After releasing two albums in quick succession and establishing themselves as one of the country’s most exciting guitar acts, the band’s rapid early ascent almost led to implosion but following some time apart, they regrouped feeling rejuvenated and re-energised. ‘Cowboy’ announces their return in incendiary fashion – a theatrical, snarling piece of indie-punk that reveals glimmers of optimism in its dark, hypnotising melodies. “It’s a song about attempting to return to a better state of mind. ‘Cowboy’ was a holding place title as it seemed like a riff that a cowboy would enjoy. It had four or five different verses and structures before the final recorded version and by then the name had stuck.”


Gorillaz ‘Friday 13th (feat Octavian) 

Gorillaz have teamed up with Octavian for the latest chapter of their ongoing ‘Song Machine’ series. With woozy grooves, dreamy guitars and synths thrown in the mix , Octavian alternates between a steady flow and singing before Damon Albarn shows up for a brief interlude at the end. A meandering number that wanders off into space, it’s another fine example of the cartoon outfit’s constant desire to explore new territories.

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