Fontaines D.C. ‘Starbuster’

With narrative exploration of frontman Grian Chatten’s experience having a panic attack in a London tube station, ‘Starbuster’ kickstarts the next voyage of world renowned Irish rockers Fontaines D.C. Driven by a drum beat reminiscent of hip-hop, the new track is perhaps the group’s most honest offering yet. Accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by Aube Perrie, an immense sense of anxiety and suffocation is propelled through quick camera cuts and a constant reference to Chatten’s inner battles. The tune is the first single ahead of upcoming album number four, ‘Romance’ set to erupt on August 23rd.

Guitarist Conor Deegan comments on the new album. “We’ve always had this sense of idealism and romance, each album gets further away from observing that through the lens of Ireland, as directly as Dogrel. The second album (A Hero’s Death) is about that detachment, and the third (Skinty Fia) is about Irishness dislocated in the diaspora. Now we look to where and what else there is to be romantic about.”

Produced by James Ford, the new era of the quintet is in partnership with XL Recordings.

Walt Disco ‘Jocelyn’

Walt Disco have this week shared a transformative new single called ‘Jocelyn’. An artful slice of pop, it’s the third single for their incoming album ’The Warping’ which is slated for release on 14th June. Framed around a dream-like conversation between lead singer Jocelyn and her mother, the song is about shedding any sense of shame and embracing your true identity. It’s a tender meditation and another brilliant insight into the new record. The band tour the UK this November, with a show at Glasgow’s SWG3 London’s Bush Hall.

“Lyrically it’s a dreamlike internal conversation between my mother and I, from small talk to mannerisms I’ve had since childhood. Such conversations come to mind when you change your name and gender; but it doesn’t erase these memories. I hope to live in a world where parents can allow themselves to understand the upset they may feel when a child makes this decision but can love and support them all the same “

“Everyone has a side of themselves that at some point, or maybe always, they feel they need to keep hidden away. This track explores the isolation of hiding a part of yourself and the euphoria of the times when you can let it out. The despairing lyrical matter of the verses opens into the joyous choruses, it’s meant to feel transformative to represent the idea of leaving your shame in the past and finding the strength to start anew.”

Citizen Papes ‘For You’

Following the release of his debut single ‘For You’ back in March, Citizen Papes has wasted little time in unveiling his first EP. Featuring four tracks, the ‘For You EP is an assured collection that indicates an innate knack for irresistible melodies and richly textured pop. What initially began as a bedroom project in Glasgow during the pandemic has grown arms and legs – and he has quickly established a signature qurky pop sound, one that pairs folky acoustic guitar with glittering production and a love for smooth R&B. Inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend and Big Thief, he results shine bright on this debut EP – it’s heartfelt, groovy and instantly infectious.

Roller Disco Death Party ‘Day By Day’ 

Meet Roller Disco Death Party: the new project from Neal McHarg (Crash Club, Autobahn 86) and drummer Amelia Boyle (Brontes, Dillon Squire). Formed over a shared love of electronic music, the pair have teamed up with McHarg’s long-time collaborator Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream, The Chemical Brothers, Soulwax) for a new body of work that feels destined to set the scene alight. Having originally started to take shape in lockdown, McHarg decided to revisit the initial journey that began years ago with the producer and the results are nothing short of invigorating. ‘Day By Day’ is a pulsing slice of electronica that barely pauses for breath – evoking heady nights on the dancefloor with the expert layering of Justice, The Chemical Brothers and more. Exploring the monotony of going back to the status quo after the trauma of the pandemic, there’s absolutely nothing stale about the instrumental – instead it builds and builds into total catharsis. Keep an eye on their new ‘Pink’ EP coming soon.

swim school ‘Seeing It Now’ 

Edinburgh trio swim school have unveiled a new mixtape EP titled ’Seeing It Now’. Breaking away from the traditional EP format, the band deliver three new tracks, two reimagined takes of earlier tracks and a one-mix, one-take cover of Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind’ on the project. And the results are as endlessly gripping as you would expect. From the buzzsaw guitar hook of its rip-roaring opening title track, to the sinister break-up track ‘Give Me A Reason Why’ to the melancholic ’To Grow’, the trio show all sides of their talents. They then treat their devoted fans to retakes of ‘Anyway’ and ’Seeing Red’ from their breakthrough ‘making sense of it all’ EP, the former of which will only appear on the physical release, and a cover of the Pixies classic. Encroaching themes of growth, honesty, reflection and joy in its short runtime, it’s all delivered with the supreme confidence of a band well and truly in their stride. And it’s set to shape them up for a very exciting year with their UK tour kicking off today, and culminating at Glasgow’s St Lukes on 1st May.

Majesty Palm ‘Borderline’

‘Borderline’ provides a new chapter for the SAMA’s Best Newcomer in 2024 influenced by the likes of The 1975, The Blue Nile and Holly Humberstone. Mixed by acclaimed Glaswegian producer Jamie Holmes, the latest offering from the pop-duo illustrates their songwriting maturity and ability to provide an anthemic ballad. Modulated guitars and cosmic synths blend with McCosh’s vocals in  this unique blend of pop and funk which earned them a finalist spot in BBC Introducing’s Scottish Act of the Year as well as the victorious SAMA run. Already booked for TRNSMT Festival in 2024, Majesty Palm are preempting a year of continual success amidst the release of their latest single, ‘Borderline’.

The Joy Hotel ‘Jeremiah’ 

Glasgow’s Joy Hotel have announced the release of their debut album ‘Ceremony’ on 19th July via So Recordings. With that, they’ve re-released an album version of fan favourite ‘Jeremiah’ – a soulful, cinematic track about about confronting the end, with two opposing perspectives: one welcoming it with faith, the other gripped by existential dread. “Jeremiah is a song for the end of the world from two opposing perspectives,” explains vocalist Emme Woods. “One side welcoming the end, believing God will be there to meet them and judge them mercifully, the other in a state of existential anxiety as the world spirals towards collapse.”

“Ceremony is twelve songs strung together to form one continuous piece of music,” says vocalist Luke Boyce. “In our minds it’s the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist. We spent two weeks at Rockfield Studios in Wales tracking it live to tape and what emerged was, in our opinion, a bold and ambitious piece of work that we’re proud to present as our first offering. It explores themes of hope, regret, love and the passing of time. We called it Ceremony because we wanted to encapsulate the pursuit of meaning in daily rituals and the celebration of being alive.”

Joell ‘No Flowers Without Rain’

Set to appear at our very own Houses Festival next month, Joell has shared a ten-track mixtape called ‘No Flowers Without Rain’. Easily his most ambitious project to date, it marks a significant step in his career – showcasing spades of artistic growth and personal development. Known for his innovative, introspective approach, the new mixtape see him weave many stories and emotions through his songwriting as he reflects on the struggles of overcoming personal and professional obstacles to get where he is today. Against a diverse range of beats, he displays his lyrical prowess – but what’s clear is that beyond the yearning and meditative reflections lies burning ambition and an artist determined to succeed.


Picking up from the success of ‘Givemeafeeling’, FINNfm further cements himself as a pioneer for this new wave of sonic hyper-pop inspired by old school rave and jungle. Released through London’s LG105, the Tayside multi-instrumentalist turns heads with this inspiring release made up of breaks and hip-hop samples. Singles ‘Missyourlove’ and ‘Givemeafeeling’ preceded the immense quality of tunes expected from producer, who provided ‘Ringthebuzzer’ and ‘Silver’ in jungle-esque fashion. Released in perfect time for summer transitions, ‘TAYSIDETAPES01’ showcases Finn’s talent for combining guitar licks and chopped samples with a unique blend of genres.

Peach Crumb ‘Keeping Busy’

Exploring a rejection of pessimistic thoughts and how they can cloud our judgement, ‘Keeping Busy’ is the debut single release from Peach Crumb. Started as Becca Murph’s solo project in late 2021, Peach Crumb have evolved into a four-piece group with two successful headline shows at The Old Hairdressers under their belt already, as well as performances at King Tut’s and Hybrid Festival. The track was recorded in late 2023 with two-time Scottish Album of the Year Award nominee Chris McCrory (Walt Disco, The Joy Hotel) at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio.

Basil Panagop ‘LimeLight’

Fresh off the back from performing two sold out support slots for Cosmo Pyke in Germany, Basil Panagop gifts ‘LimeLight’ ahead of an upcoming LP. The second album from the alternative R&B creator takes the form of ‘6AM’ scheduled for release on the 3rd of May, displaying various influences ranging from Frank Ocean to Brent Faiyez and Brockhampton.

Panagop comments on the inspirations behind 6AM, “The final theme throughout the album is that of dream interpretation, in which each song on the album is in fact a dream that my aunt depicts in the opening track. Through these dreams, and what she depicts on the opening track, I.E, failing to care for someone, being in danger, seeing someone from the past, are all depicted in tracks throughout the album which help me come to the final realisation that letting people in does more good than harm.”

Melodic rap blends seamlessly with honest lyricism in formation of the Panagop sound, where listeners can expect to see the Berlin-based artist connect with a wider audience through ‘LimeLight’.

Tune into the playlist below: