WALT DISCO have shared their first new song since their 2022 debut album ‘Unlearning’.

‘Pearl’ was written and recorded between Glasgow and its namesake Pearl Street Co-Op in Austin, Texas where the band first worked on the track while at SXSW.

An intimate recording, it feels quite reflective in nature – Jocelyn Potter’s closely recorded vocals set against a twinkling instrumental, adorned with sweeping strings and lullaby-like vocal harmonies.

This song dwells on the homesickness and general disconnect from regular life that can come from being in a touring band.” explains songwriter Jack Martin. “The demands of being a musician can put both literal and figurative distance between you and other people in your life. Your touring bubble starts to feel like the only people you can truly relate to, and this can start to feel quite lonely and alienating. In the chorus of this song, I cast my eye forward in time and consider where the consequences of this lifestyle will leave me, while also accepting that this is the life I’ve chosen and I know it’s what I’m meant to do. The song is built around the keyboard part which I first showed the band on the piano at Pearl Street Coop while we were at SXSW.”

Check it out below.

Photo by Izzy Leach

Video by Humble Film Productions