WALT DISCO certainly made a staggering impression at this year’s Great Escape Festival. The talk of music fans and tastemakers alike, the inimitable quintet made their presence known with a series of lustful, theatrical and downright enthralling performances.

As the band continue to enforce their presence, their sound has become increasingly angsty, angular and riff-driven; driving and lurching their way through glimmering 80s New Romantic and biting post-punk in wholly unique fashion.

Looking to build on the growing momentum and the all-round acclaim they received in Brighton, the band have teamed up with pioneering LA label IHC 1NFINITY for their latest instalment ‘Strange to Know Nothing’. Part moody goth drama and part dancefloor filler, the track is a typically exuberant and wildly theatrical offering which explores fear and discomfort in the romantic unknown. Opening with a slinky groove, the song soon bursts to life with a powerful, anthemic chorus; the striking amalgamation of dark, shimmering synths, angular riffs and James Potter’s distinctive croon coming together to enthralling and dramatic effect.

Check it out below.