Wild-BeastsThe band: Hailing from Kendal in England, Wild Beasts first crashed onto the indie scene in 2006 and have since release critically-acclaimed material reaching the great heights of Mercury Music Prize nominations. Their fourth album released this year, reached the top 10 spot in the UK.

The sound: ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’ is a synthy, electronic, mellow track and is testament to the groundbreaking work of their 2014 LP. Digitalism washes over electronic piano and rendering melodies creating a soft and gentle, catchy tune.

The video: Filmed by Klaus Thymann, the video sees the four band members dance on top of a mountain, as day reaches night, the band are lit up with immense neon lights, a reoccurring trend for video production in 2014 it seems (Haim, Bipolar Sunshine to name two). The band said of the video: ‘We were inspired enough by the absurdist approach taken by Talking Heads to don electric suits and dance in the ether on the top of a Beacons mountain. We wanted to capture the weightlessness of a song like ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’, to attempt something so ridiculous as to be sublime. The experience was strangely liberating and we asked ourselves why we hadn’t done this before.’

The lowdown: ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’ will be released as the next single from Wild Beasts on 19th May 2014. Taken from their Present Tense record, the track is the second single to be released from the top 10 LP.