from the ashes of Algernon Doll, it seems that the music world has resoundingly stamped their seal of approval on WOMPS at this early juncture in their career.

Travelling across the Atlantic to work with the ever-innovative Steve Albini on their opening volley, those who’ve had the pleasure of listening to their debut double AA 7″ know all too well that such a risk has certainly paid off.

Having just been announced for this year’s CMJ and with a slot on our very own Tenement Trail, WOMPS have released the video for the fantastic ‘Dreams On Demand’.

Clinging to traditional pop values amid the dissonance, ‘Dreams On Demand’ is a hulking and robust cut that drastically turns from gentile to utterly anarchic before you know it. Laden with uncompromising riffs that seem ultimately designed to incite movement in any crowd, their propensity for pulling the 90’s heyday of alt rock and breathing new life into it is nothing short of remarkable.

The track’s accompanying visuals are equally riveting; created by Robert Kolodny of House Of Nod, it infuses self-shot footage of the band with a plethora of stunning archive footage.

WOMPS’ debut 7″ is available now via Damnably and for those looking to see the band live, they’ll be playing Tenement Trail on the 3rd October 2015 with tickets available via now.

Check out the video below: