GLASGOW eccentric-punk powerhouse Gallus return to TRNSMT 2021, and we caught up with them to talk about festival survival tips, signing with Marshall Records and more.

“We found out about interest from Marshall Records shortly after we sold out Tuts. The short amount of time we sold the show out in turned a few heads in their office. After that our booking agent set up a meeting and thankfully it’s been all positive since. Everything just kind of fell into place at the right time for us coming out of lockdown. We just need to keep up the momentum.”

Coming out of lockdown, and gigs being back in full swing, Gallus reflected on what the 18-months of isolation meant for them.

“I have quite mixed feelings looking back on lockdown. On the one hand, lockdown did us a lot of good: we wrote our best material and came out of it with a record deal and in a real position of strength. On the other hand, everything I look back on during that time makes me quite sad. Everything was shut, we couldn’t gig, the band struggled financially, and we felt like we had lost the most important thing in our lives. I’m glad we used the time well but it definitely was a sad time.”

After missing out on 2020, TRNSMT festival returns to Glasgow Green this weekend, with Gallus taking to the stage on Friday 10th September.

“We’re really buzzing to play TRNSMT! This has been almost two years in the making now. We first got offered to play it back in 2019, which feels like a lifetime ago. TRNSMT I think has taken on some symbolic significance because of how long we’ve been waiting to play it. It’s now a definitive gig where we’ll be well and truly back once it’s been played.

Definitely check out Walt Disco, Vlure and The Ninth Wave are all on our stage and well worth seeing. Voodoos, Dylan John Thomas and the Chemical Brothers are definitely acts you should be checking out if you’re there for the whole weekend as well.”

And finally, Gallus’ top tips for festivals…

“Firstly, pace yourself. Nothing worse than being the one that fucks it and spends the afternoon whiteying at the health and safety tent.

Secondly, watch out for your pals. If it’s not you that fucks it then make sure the pal that inevitably does is taken care of. Don’t be a prick and just pie them, you’ll be too guilt ridden to enjoy whatever you end up seeing instead!

Lastly, see Gallus, obviously.”