THE #SaveOurVenues campaign has today announced that 13 more UK venues have been saved from ‘critical risk’ of imminent closure, including 2 in Scotland.

Back in 2020, following a number of venues being left facing certain closure after not receiving any or enough money from the Government, the Music Venue Trust launched the #SaveThe30 ‘Traffic Light’ campaign to help those in danger fight off definite closure due to coronavirus restrictions.

Now, the trust has announced the removal of 13 from the ‘red’ list – saving them from permanent closure until venues can be hopefully open safely in spring 2021.

“We want to thank every artist, every audience member, every member of our community for taking direct action which means we are able to remove these 13 venues from the Red List right now,” said Music Venue Trust CEO Mark Davyd. “The love shown for these venues continues to demonstrate how important they are to people and to our towns and cities. Music Venue Trust is committed to reopening every venue safely and we are going to carry on working through this crisis until that outcome is achieved.”

The full list of the 13 venues saved are: 

Arden Inn, Accrington
Backstage Kinross
Boulevard, Wigan
Four Horsemen, Bournemouth
Gellions, Inverness
Hootenanny, Inverness
Plot 22, Sheffield
Rossi Bar, Brighton
Strange Brew, Bristol
The Brunswick, Hove
The Grand Elektra/ The Crypt, Hastings
The Railway Inn, Winchester
Waterloo Bar, Blackpool

Venues that are still on the red list and in ‘critical danger’ of imminent closure include The Windmill in Brixton, The Venue in Derby, BOOM in Leeds and London’s The Lexington.

You can find out more, buy merchandise and donate to the #SaveOurVenutes campaign here.