BETA WAVES are slated to support the much-loved Jungle at their forthcoming show at Glasgow’s own SWG3.

Firm TTV favourites since their meteoric rise to prominence last year, the architects behind such enduringly exciting tracks as ‘I Think I’m Melting’ “Let It Out’ and ‘LoveLoveLove’ have point blank refused to let their momentum wane in 2019.

Fresh from acting as the anchors of our TTV Discover Tour, the Dundonian two-piece will head to SWG3 with every intention of winning over even more new converts. Set to play the very first East End edition of Tenement Trail on Saturday 12th October. Proclaimed as one of Beta Waves’ genuine “favourite bands”, Jungle’s forthcoming headline show on Thursday 6th June with remaining tickets available via Gigs In Scotland.

Check out Beta Waves’ incredible TTV session below: