FOLLOWING  a huge show at TRNSMT in the summer, Catfish and the Bottlemen were back in Glasgow on Friday night playing a huge show matched with huge energy in The SSE Hydro.

Supported by the incredible local act Dancing on Tables, the gig was rocking from start to finish. Taking to the stage before Van + co, Dancing on Tables brought an electric atmosphere to the arena, showcasing their huge sound and confidence with ease. Check out Dancing on Tables in action below:

Catfish and the Bottlemen walked on to their usual Beatles’ belter ‘Helter Skelter; a tune that set the tone nicely for what was to unfold. Kicking off with ‘Longshot’ from their third and latest record, the band wasted no time bringing the energy levels to a peak with the second tune ‘Kathleen’; the opening chords of which encouraging a huge fan reaction.

Dropping hits from all three of their records into the set, fans were treated to a snapshot of the last eight plus years of smashing live shows and writing big tunes.

The show proceeded with strength, the love in the room between the stage and the floor peaking during huge performances of ‘Homesick’, the very apt ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Hourglass’. Finishing strong on ‘7’ and closer ‘Cocoon’.

I don’t think we’ve seen a band more suited to this venue and yet Catfish and the Bottlemen have not lost that small show intimacy their songs were born out of. Glasgow has a special place in the heart of this band and it safe to say, the feeling is mutual.

Watch our session with Catfish and the Bottlemen below: