HAIMTHE BAND: Haim and Calvin Harris have hooked up for new track ‘Pray To God’ which sees the band return with new music for the first time this year since the 2013 record Days Are Gone saw the band tour extensively for two years. The unusual hook-up sees Calvin Harris continue to seek out collaborations with chart-topping acts with universal appeal.

THE SOUND: With the signature electronic beat and synths we come to expect from Calvin Harris present, an 80’s vibe in the track places Haim in a more comfortable position than they would be in a Ibiza floorfiller from Harris’ back catalogue. At the heart of the track there’s a fast paced guitar riff which acts as a bit of a Haim stamp on ‘Pray To God’.

THE VIDEO: Dressed in black, the video features the three sisters looking sultry as they sing to the camera. The background begins to move from a prominent purple sky to show snowy scenes featuring all kinds of wilderness surrounding the band.

THE LOWDOWN: Haim lost out to Sam Smith at the Grammy Awards in the ‘Best New Artist’ category at the weekend. After a solid 18 months touring around the world, the band have been quiet of late and do not currently have any tour dates. Check out the video for ‘Pray To God’ below: