DILLON SQUIRE has today unveiled his debut solo EP ‘Yellow Car No Hitbacks’.

Marking his most accomplished piece of work to date, the six-track effort features previously heard singles like ‘Allison Arms’, ‘Littie Birdy’ and ‘Bulldozer’ – and has now been completed with the final song ‘Dark Circles’.

A significant shift away from anything we’ve heard previously from Squire, the new EP includes some of te songwriter’s most vulnerable material yet as he turns the focus inwards more than ever before. A product of the spare time afforded to him by the pandemic, it has seen the frontman re-emerge from the studio with a renewed focus and thirst for his craft – exploring feelings of love, joy, anxiety and insecurity against a backdrop of earworm hooks and surging indie-rock instrumentals.

‘Dark Circles’ is another impressive addition to his catalogue – centred around one massive chorus and some meaningful self-reflection.

Check it out below and tune into the full EP.