FOLLOWING the release of their second EP ‘Wading’, Francis of Delirium are back with a massive new single ‘Come Out and Play’.

Taking inspiration from nightmarish clowns, the band crank the atmosphere up on the track with foreboding lyrics and shoegaze guitars. Exploding to life on the grungy, taut choruses, there’s an eerie darkness that permeates the track – as if we’re never quite sure what’s lurking around the corner.

Jana Bahrich says “I kept thinking about clowns when making this song, I watched Felini’s 8 ½ and the closing scene where a procession of clowns play in a band stuck with me,” Jana Bahrich explained in a statement. “I had them in my mind for months, thinking about the way they hid behind painted faces, keeping so much hidden from the audience, and also just how sad they seemed. I wanted this song to feel dark and to have an eeriness that would make sense in the background of some weird art movie about funhouses and carnivals.”

Watch the official video below.