FRANKIE MORROW are back with a massive new single called ‘Cruel’.

The band, originally from Scotland but residing in London, have emerged from the studio with a renewed sense of focus and vigour following the release of their ”Blue Parrot Backpackers Hostel’ EP last year.

Shifting away from the hazy, gentle indie-folk feel of that EP in favour of a more aggressive, emphatic sound, they sound all the better for it. Continuing in the same vein as ‘Crave’ which arrived in summer, ‘Cruel’ is a compelling listen – full of built-up tension and emotional tumult that unleashes itself in a feverish wave of catharsis. Lead singer Maz McMillan has never sounded so intense – anger and passion seeping through her vocals against a backdrop of rocking guitars and electric bass lines.

It’s a dramatic and dynamic shift that shows the band at their most emphatic. Whether they’re crafting soft moments of acoustic folk warmth or jamming out with the amps ramped up, it’s clear that Frankie Morrow are gradually carving out a niche for themselves. And we can’t wait to see what comes next.