SHAMBOLICS have shared a new single called ‘Attention’, and it features none other than The View frontman Kyle Falconer.

Set to feature on the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams’, out on 16th February 2024, the song follows lead single ‘Never Be Mine’ which quickly became a big streaming hit.

And once again, they showcase their knack for sizzling, soaring hooks and anthemic songwriting. With Kyle Falconer adding his own gritty soulful vocals to the mix, it certainly more than grabs the attention – giving another exciting preview of the new record.

Vocalist/guitarist Darren Forbes says, “Kyle was of course huge in Scotland when we were growing up – we used to idolise him, so working with him was a dream come true. He has such a great head for melody, and we learned a lot about that from him. The reason he’s so good is that he’s constantly playing, constantly singing, constantly writing songs and that was a lesson for us. Instead of writing in between live gigs, we know we need to be writing all the time when we can to become that good.” 

Kyle Falconer adds, “We wrote this in Spain and it was a very natural flow. It reminded me of how the early View songs used to happen… just beers and smiles.” 

Check out the song below.

Photo by Liam Maxwell