girlpool 2

The band: Girlpool is a Philadelphia based two piece made up of Cleo Tucker(Guitar) and Harmony Tividad (Bass). The duo released their self-titled debut EP at the tail end of last year, and quickly gained many plaudits. They have now announced the release of their debut album, accompanied by a single, and some UK tour dates.

The sound: Taking minimalism to extremes can be a risky game, but Girlpool manage it with careless brilliance. New single ‘Ideal World’ is so bare that it’s almost a surprise to hear the bass guitar leap to a new note mid-way through the track. But such is the delicacy of the down-trodden emotion that underpins the track it feels like a jump of utter genius. There are eye-catching lyrics on show too, “I took a walk down the street, found nothing beneath my feet.”

The lowdown: Their debut album Before the World Was Big will be released on the 1st June on Wichita Recordings Worldwide. They will also be making appearances at Bestival and End of the Road, with more to be announced.