LET’S Eat Grandma returned this week with their first piece of new music since their 2018 album ‘I’m All Ears’.

‘Hall of Mirrors’ is a shimmering, synth-driven return that comes on a wave of self-discovery. Using the setting of a fairground of inspiration, it’s an appropriately vibrant listen that overflows with colours and emotion – Rosa Walton’s voice finding a balance between confidence and youthful innocence as she paints the setting of a newfound crush. Reflective yet bubbling with euphoria, it’s a heady concoction from a band who have been well missed.

I wanted to use the setting of a fairground at night to describe the dizziness, intensity and excitement of being with a woman I had strong feelings for, and the hall of mirrors as a metaphor for discovering and exploring parts of myself that I was bringing to life,” explained Walton.

“In some ways it’s reflective and almost secretive, journeying through confusing and difficult emotions, but I also wanted ‘Hall Of Mirrors’ to be a euphoric song that conveys clarity, confidence, and ultimately joy.”

Watch the video below.

Photo by El Hardwick