WITH one excellent debut album to their name already, it’s fair to say we’re excited to hear Pillow Queens’ follow-up record ‘Leave The Lights’, which is due out in April.

If recent material is anything to go by, it looks like the four-piece are continuing the same kind of sound as that acclaimed debut – and new single ‘Be By Your Side’ is a compelling insight.

Imbued with that same gripping kind of honesty, the band are able to tread between heartfelt vulnerability and euphoric, spirited indie-rock, and it feels just as as refreshing as it did on that first album.

They say “This song is about the mechanisms that are used to hide your vulnerabilities and carry on. But also, the feeling of being about to burst and how cathartic it could be to allow yourself to let your emotions out and feel the world around you. This was one of the first songs we finished on the album as it was the quickest to become fully realised by all of us.”

Listen below.