INTRODUCING Rubber Rose; a new rock outfit formed by Jess Williams, Josephine Sillars, Kieran Watson and Lauren Rycroft.

After forming in summer 2020, the four-piece have spent the last year honing in on their craft and blending their various influences to form a sound entirely of their own devising. With backgrounds stretching across visual art, jazz and pop, they say their aim is to “challenge the male orientated alt-rock scene” with their visually stimulating performances and powerful sense of identity. 

Their debut track ‘Worship The Crone’ pays heed to this – it’s a song shrouded in brooding atmospherics and heavy themes. With lyrics that directly challenge societal perceptions on ageing, especially how the ageing female body is perceived, they don’t miss their target – and the heaviness of the instrumental carries this message home.

Opening in rather dark and foreboding fashion, there’s a eerie sense of mystique that hangs over the track as chugging rhythms and deep basslines appear – hypnotic vocals lead us through this uneasy world before we reach an onslaught of thrashing guitars, pounding beats and blaring synths. It’s a compelling track that only gets heavier and more intense as it progresses – a powerful mission statement if ever there was one.

The band’s debut live show is on October 6th in Wharf Chambers, Leeds followed by Room 2, Glasgow on October 16th supporting The Twistettes. 

Check out the track below.

Photo by Rhianonne Stone