of the modern hip-hop landscape, Run The Jewels have lain waste to every single track that they’ve conceived of in the years since Atlanta’s Killer Mike and Brooklyn based producer EL-P came together under their menacing moniker.

Almost more of a cultural movement in itself than a mere rap group, Run The Jewels are revered for their ability to not only entertain, but to inspire and educate thousands of disenfranchised youths of all creeds and cultures.

Continuing their almost unprecedented run of form, RTJ have revealed the video for  their colossal Adult Swim single ‘Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite).

As incendiary as you would expect from the very first note, ‘Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)’ is defined by the barrage of impenetrable bass, it’s riot-inciting sample and the breakneck rhymes of both Killer Mike and EL-P. As hard-hitting as anything they’ve released to date, the oft-speculated upon Run The Jewels 3 can’t come quick enough.

Indebted to the dystopian New York that Walter Hill crafted in his cult classic ‘The Warriors’, its accompanying video sees gang warfare run rampant on the streets of NY. Beautifully produced by Augenblick Studios, it’s their most entertaining video to date.

Check out the video below: