DUBLIN art-punk outfit Silverbacks have shared a thrilling new cut called ‘Wear My Medals’.

Emma Hanlon takes lead vocals on the track, as Daniel O’Kelly explains: “We always set out while demoing to write ‘Emma Songs’—songs that we think will specifically work for Emma’s vocals. We were quite a ways through the latest batch before we realized we hadn’t gotten any Emma Songs down so herself and Kilian got to work.”

Her vocals give the band a dreamier quality but it doesn’t take away from the propulsive nature of the song. Deliriously infectious, it charges forward rapidly and takes them down many unexpected routes.

Lauren Gregory had this to say about the “Wear My Medals” video she directed: “The band gave me complete creative license, so I really got to let my imagination run wild. For the swimming scenes, I took inspiration from the movie A Philadelphia Story, a scene in which Katherine Hepburn is swimming and climbing out of a pool. When I was working on the boxing scenes, I watched a lot of footage of Muhammed Ali warming up before fights, jumping and punching the air, and tried to emulate his movements. Out of everything, sculpting the hands playing bar chords on the guitar was the most fun.”