LIVERPOOL band SPINN get straight down to it on their latest single ‘Home’; full of sparkling hooks and earworm melodies, the outfit have excelled in their aim of creating “something that’s good for the ears”.

Refreshingly honest in their approach, the four-piece have opted for pure fun in favour of emotional depth and meaning. The result is a shimmering slice of indie-pop that would bright up the gloomiest of days; sweet and innocent lyrics coming together with sunny guitars and a dreamy lead vocal.

Speaking about the track, singer Jonathon Quinn says: “This one’s probably our most shallow track. We went out to create a pop tune with not much meaning behind it, which is different to our other stuff, which usually has some kind of message or secret meaning. You could probably over analyse it if you really wanted to, and hail it as an homage to house party romances or a love letter. But, to be honest it’s just meant to be something that’s good for the ears.”

‘Home’ follows the previously released ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘Bliss’ as the four-piece look set to make their presence known in the forthcoming year. Officially out on 3rd March, you can hear the track below.