LIVERPOOL four-piece STONE release their debut EP ‘Punkadonk’ today via Polydor Records, and it features new single ‘Moto’.

A long-time fan favourite, the track joins ‘Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)’ and ‘Waste’ on the new EP – this one though shows their lighthearted side.

An ode to his cheap Motorola phone, frontman Fin Power says ““‘Moto’ was written about when Fin (lead singer) kept losing his iPhone. He got so sick of it he eventually just went into Tesco and asked for the cheapest phone, and it was a Motorola. He eventually loved the Motorola and had the ringtone stuck in his head with a drum beat behind it.”

Lead guitarist Elliot Gill reflects; “Our music is just a conduit to all the emotion that we all feel. We’re living in this scary sensational world of social media, where everything is overexposed and overwhelming. But we’re all in it as a generation. Me and Fin have our own struggles with mental health, and I think that’s why we do what we do with such an intensity; we put up that part of ourselves onstage just to give kids an opportunity to connect with something.”

Check it out below.