JUST a week after confirming their long-awaited return with the announcement of their sixth album ‘The New Abnormal’ , The Strokes are back with another preview track called ‘Bad Decisions’.

Along with the announcement, the indie quintet unveiled its striking lead single – a moody, atmospheric number called ‘At The Door’ which sounded more like Julian Casablancas’ solo material than The Strokes. With no percussion and little guitar, it was a bold call from the outfit and one that has certainly raised intrigue about the upcoming album.

Just a week on from that leftfield introduction and they’re back with something that’s more quintessentially Strokes. ‘Bad Decisions’ is a straight-up indie banger, harking back to the spiky, unkempt sound of their earlier material and featuring a glorious chorus.

They’ve also unveiled a video for the track which features Strokes automatons and a surreal twist. If anything, it could be read as a sort of meta-commentary on people always expecting a specific thing from the band. Check it out below.