SWIM DEEP have announced their long-awaited return with the release of ‘To Feel Good’

After the release of their terrific second LP ‘Mothers’ which landed in 2015 yet never quite reached the stratospheric heights they had hoped, the band took a step back for a couple of years to take stock and seek new creative inspiration. Now they are back with a couple of personnel changes aswell as a newfound steely confidence and revitalised spirit; that’s if their new track is anything to go by.

‘To Feel Good’ sees the band riff on Rozalla’s 1991 hit ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) and turn the rave classic into something more introspective and thoughtful with the added twist of a full gospel choir. A bold and beautiful return that narrates a day in the life of frontman Austin Williams when he was 18 years old in Birmingham, you get the impression that Swim Deep may have gone through some difficult times but they’re ready to emerge triumphantly on the other side.

Check out below.