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a group that have shied away from innovation or experimentation in any conceivable way, The Chemical Brothers have been at the forefront of dance music since the moment that they made their impact and felt and their hold over the genre has never truly subsided.

After re-asserting themselves in the most blatant way possible with ‘Born In The Echoes’, the months that have passed since its release has saw them turn the reins over to other artists to rejig the album’s incredible compositions in any way they deem appropriate.

Following on from the absolutely magnetic ‘C2 Trigger RMX’ of Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’, the group have enabled Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard to rework the stellar ‘Wide Open’.

An engrossing listen which clocks in at just over ten minutes, Goddard’s interpretation manages to hold onto the ambient and borderline soothing feel of the original whilst implanting a healthy dose of techno that elevates the track to an entirely new plain. Euphoric, serene and utterly riveting, it’s imperative to donate ten minutes of your time to listening to a beautiful collaboration between two artists that have remained at the absolute top of their game and unarguably held onto their passion for crafting some of the world’s most accomplished electronic music.

Listen to the remix below: