GLASGOW based five-piece HOME$LICE are due to launch their latest EP, Young Creatives on the 24th of February with a performance at Nice N Sleazy.

Following the release of their video for ‘Out Of Sight’ towards the end of 2016, Home$lice are hitting the ground running with an additional three tracks being added to their up-and-coming release. ‘Out Of Sight’ is led by a happy-go-lucky swaying guitar line, and the lyrics “Blackout dreams, were dreams of another life. And all my fears, melted away tonight,” make you feel as though you can be happy in the moment and ignore the bleak reality of the world plodding on around you as the fierce crescendo of a rapid electric guitar solo takes you right to the song’s edge.

‘Death Petal’ has an incredibly catchy chorus, and the lead singer’s vocals are shown off on the track that at times, becomes stripped to the bare necessities, exposing the alluring husky tone before the finale explodes in a mess of electric guitar and the crashing of symbols.

‘Catcalls’ is pure energy. Drawing influence from American culture,it could definitely be played at band practice in the garage, at a gaff party or even down at the beach over a Bluetooth speaker. The screech of the guitar does undercut both the melody and vocals and acts as the star of this track.

In contrast, ‘Come Up To Fade,’ ensures that  the drums are in the spotlight. As the intro kicks in, the lightyear speed of the percussion remains throughout, never slowing down for anything. The deep bassline works well with the louder roaring vocals that push the song to new heights. And the last minute of the song is definitely a mosh pit worthy instrumental, for whenever the five-piece play a venue that will be big enough to have the audience chuck each other around the room.